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Welfare Benefits

Health care support

  • General medical examination : Employees aged 35 or above are eligible to get general medical examination once per year including their spouses
  • Medical expense subsidy : Financial assistance up to KRW 5 million is available for each employee annually

Recreation and leisure support

  • Club activities : We support informal groups to share hobbies or social interests organized by employees (e.g. soccer/ hiking / bowling / golf / tennis / movie / baseball / billiards / volunteer work / skiing / band / basketball / finishing/ swimming)
  • Discounts on leisure stays : Employees can enjoy staying at Daemyeong Resort, Resom Resort, and Hanhwa Resort

Livelihood Support

  • Tuition assistance : KRW 10 million per child can be waived by employees with children regardless of the number of children
  • Housing assistance : Competitive loans are available for purchasing or leasing a home
  • Family occasions & compassionate leave : Employees can take personal and compassionate leaves and receive congratulatory or condolence money
  • Collective accident insurance : Employees are protected against the consequences of injury, illness, and death
  • Moving expenses reimbursement : Relocation costs can be covered
  • Four social insurances provided : Employees are eligible for benefits of national pension, industrial accident compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and national medical insurance
  • Vacation : Employees earn annual holidays and bonus leaves

Gifts & Rewards

  • Holiday gifts : Employees receive gifts for New Year's Day, Chuseok and Foundation Day
  • Shopping vouchers : Online vouchers are awarded for shopping spree at GSshop.com and didigo.com in May, the national family month

Employee Facilities

  • Recreational facilities : Café, massage room
  • Sporting facilities : Gym, personal trainers, basketball court, table tennis room and pool hall
  • Cultural facilities : Band Room and karaoke