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constantly improve every aspect of ourselves,
exceed all customer expectations,
and deliver results every day!

Dongbeum Koo, Vice Chairman & CEO of INVENIA Corporation


Founded in 2001, INVENIA has been the LEADER of the DISPLAY equipment industry.

Successfully localizing its core technology Dry-Etcher for the first time, INVENIA has secured its technical competitiveness. Also, INVENIA is preparing for an era of rapid change based on its pioneering achievements of domestic and international customers and high professionalism.


We, the senior management and employees of INVENIA, are eager to implement the transformation of true customer value via REVOLUTION. Putting behind old customs and seeking more effective task management methods, INVENIA is establishing a RESULT-oriented corporate culture on top of rational and fair leadership along with positive optimistic mindset.


INVENIA is a company that values fair treatment and competition, honesty, and its customers deeply. Through our products and services we not only match but exceed customer expectations. Based on our values of management and the spirit of respecting everyone, we take the socially disadvantaged in consideration to pave a path that benefits us all. We strive to fulfill our social responsibility as a company by continuously practicing ethical management, as we believe in helping the less fortunate over pure profits.


INVENIA will continue to engage in R&D efforts and global marketing strategies to further expand our scope of business in display technology. RE-INVENIA will secure its new growth engine by obtaining material components and strengthening infrastructure to successfully establish a new enterprise. Rather than remaining content with what has been achieved so far, INVENIA will be reborn as a stronger partner in display and beyond.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and interest.

Thank you.

Dongbeum Koo, Vice Chairman & CEO of INVENIA Corporation