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Personal Information Policy

INVENIA uses the collected personal information for the purpose of recruitment. Your provision of personal information in connection with the recruiting process confirms your consent to INVENIA to collect that information and to use and retain as specified in this policy.
Any collected personal information is protected by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and other applicable laws.

1. Collected Items and purposes for collecting and using personal information

  • 1) Items: Name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number (home), mobile phone number, email address, family status (optional), military service records, veterans welfare status, disability, educational backgrounds, career history (optional), license and certification (optional), language skills (optional), overseas education or experiences (optional), club and internship experiences (optional), volunteer work (optional), and awards and recognition (optional)
  • 2) Purpose: Screening and recruiting

2. Period of Retention and Use

  • 1) Period: When the purpose of collection and use is fulfilled, it should be disposed of immediately
  • 2) Reason for retaining : Management of recruitment processes and verification of an applicant's qualifications

3. Right to Refuse

Users have the rights to refuse collection and use of his or her personal information, in which case the application will be annulled and entry will be removed from the recruitment pool.

Application Form

Download an Application
  • * You can fill in the registered application form or can freely submit the application package including your resume, cover letter and description form of career.
  • * If any information contained in the form is found false or incorrect after submission, your admission can be cancelled and any objection is not acceptable.

How to Apply

Please send your application as an attachment via email with the file saved as "Application Area_Name"(e.g. sales_PaulKim)
to : hr_manager@inveniacorp.com