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Encapsulation Types

  • Encapsulation is classified into Can, TFE, and Hybrid methods
  • Any method of encapsulation can be applied to brigid OLED for mobile devices
  • TFE and Hybrid methods are applied to flexible OLED for mobile devices
  • Only the hybrid method is applied to OLED for large-surface TVs

Hybrid Method

  • Combination of advantages of the Can and TFE methods
  • Polymers bind passivation film with a coverplate having a gas barrier property, and passivation film with a coverplate
  • The Dam & Fill method uses a solution-type adhesive polymer and the Film Laminating method processes polymers into film
  • The solution-type polymers are applied via screen printing or ink-jet printing while a rolllaminator is used for the Film Laminating method
  • The passivation method can reduce costs because of fewer processes compared to the TFE method
  • Top emission AMOLED panel can be manufactured if transparent polymers are used