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Personal Information Policy

INVENIA uses the collected personal information for the purpose of Customer Inquiry. Your provision of personal information in connection with the Customer Inquiry confirms your consent to INVENIA to collect that information and to use and retain as specified in this policy.
Any collected personal information is protected by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and other applicable laws.

1. Collected Items and purposes for collecting and using personal information

  •     1) Items: Name, Company nave, email address, Position(optional)
  •     2) Purpose: Customer Inquiry

2. Period of Retention and Use

  •     1) Period: When the purpose of collection and use is fulfilled, it should be disposed of immediately
  •     2) Reason for retaining : Receiving and responding to feedback from customers and providing related notices

3. Right to Refuse

    A user may refuse collection and use of his or her personal information. However, this can cause a great difficulty for us to handle the procedures for his or her


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